Sarah Lawrence university dad accused out of intercourse trafficking, abusing girl’s family and friends

Sarah Lawrence university dad accused out of intercourse trafficking, abusing girl’s family and friends

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It absolutely was a facts concerning a team of younger university students in per liberal arts university to his or her uncommon roomie – the best father that is then-50-year-old.

At belated 2010, Lawrence Ray relocated as part of together with child to the lady roommates in Sarah Lawrence university as he recommended a location towards crash immediately after their release that is recent from. Quickly enough, that he apparently became per dad figure, per confidant, your philosopher, per lifetime advisor to specialist: the fixture that is constant position carefully became worrying, in accordexcellentce with an April 2019 ny mag protect tale.

10 months following the facts detail by detail that the saga that is disquieting government prosecutors established that they arrested Ray to charged that now-60-year-old at 9 matters including intercourse trafficking, extortion plus forced work, amongst countless remaining costs.

Ray “allegedly utilized their proximity in order to their sufferers in order to lay each groundwork to emotional conditioning, ultimately foremost some teenagers to be unwitting victims concerning intimate exploitation, communicative then bodily punishment, extortion, forced work, plus a egregious situation concerning prostitution, ” FBI Assistant manager William Sweeney Jr. (more…)

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