Comment: The dark part of gay internet dating sites

Comment: The dark part of gay internet dating sites

Although gay internet dating sites provide a helpful platform in enabling males to fulfill one another, Christopher Halton writes for PinkNews of how they may additionally place some homosexual guys in danger.

On Monday, I happened to be certainly one of 30 or more guys to be a part of the recording of a advert for Survivors UK, a lottery funded charity put up to aid males who’ve been raped or sexually abused. Luckily, We have never ever been a target myself, and went to the shoot just as a supplementary.

Beforehand, we researched the charity and see the testimony of a new guy that has met some body he’d been chatting to on an internet dating website. It had been the contact that is first had had along with other homosexual males. Initially the date choose to go well, however it finished poorly in which he ended up being raped.

This made me think about the danger inherent in meeting men who I know nothing about, other than what they choose to tell me, which may or may not be true as a user of gay dating sites. My experience of meeting men from all of these web internet web sites is overwhelmingly good, and I have actually constantly prided myself on being fully an excellent judge of character. But due to the fact saying goes, pride comes before a autumn. In fact, We hardly ever really understand if the individual i’m going to fulfill is just a safe bet. It’s a danger I simply just take.

This realisation had been further compounded when I recently re-joined Grindr. My romance with Grindr is definitely a lot more of a regrettable fling which invariably finishes beside me deleting the software from my phone within a few days. My latest foray is the final one I is likely to make. If formerly, my emotions to the platform had been ambivalent, they will have now been crystallised: We earnestly dislike it.

Grindr has obtained a notably iconic status in the homosexual community and understandably therefore. (more…)

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